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  • For many years I have been concerned with the fast depletion of fossil oil reserves, not just in the USA but around the globe.
  • Four years after my Engineering graduation I wrote an article on this subject. The article was submitted to several major magazines and newspapers.  It was also sent to the White House.
  • At the time my findings were innovative, and contradicted the generalized idea that fossil reserves were plentiful.  It was an era when we suffered a terrible oil crisis (1978).   Jimmy Carter was President, and the "crazy" Ayatollah of Iran was looked at as the only culprit for all that pain.
  • Saudi Arabians were also being portrayed as "greedy" in about every American newspaper.  The US Congress and the White House agreeing in unison with the press.
  • When I say "every  newspaper"  I am referring to the opinion expressed by -virtually- the whole media, and that includes the Business Week Magazine.
  •   A couple of weeks after having received my article, Business Week Magazine published a "Special Issue On Energy" (July 30, 1979).  On it, they were expressing "novel ideas" 180 degrees apart from their previous position on the energy issue, as they had stated the previous month (June 18, 1979).   They denied having infringed my freelance copyrights.

The article that I wrote is published -in its entirety- on this website.

A firm of lawyers took the case on its merits (CONDON and FORSYTH, Ave. of the Americas, NYC, NY). On several appendices is shown the correspondence had with Business Week Magazine.


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